1. All individuals who are 18 years of age or older Applicant(s) who will reside in the property must fully complete, date and sign a residency application (Application). Each applicant must provide a government issued photo ID and pay The Property Place a non-refundable application fee of $75 per married couple, or $75 per adult, and a one-time non-refundable Administrative placement fee of $150 dollars upon lease signing. Applicant also agrees Administrative fee may be taken from applicants security deposit. A non-refundable fee may also be required if pets are permitted.
An Applicant who does not have a 2-year residence history in Florida will be required to pay an additional application/administrative fee, which fee may vary, based on the state of the Applicants residence. In the event Applicant is renting a unit governed by a condominium or homeowners association (Association), Applicant may be required by the Association to submit separate fees as determined by that Association. All fees/deposits will be paid by, cashiers check, certified check, money order or credit card.No cash will be accepted No rights of occupancy exists until the lease is signed and all check(s)/payment(s) required by the lease have been deposited and cleared. This determination of occupancy is made solely by the Agent/Owner.
Application turnaround time is generally 2-3 business days.
Employment landlord or out-on state verification may require more time.
Tenants must have 1: a combined gross income of at least two and one-half (2.5) times the monthly rent, and 2: a minimum of (2) years residential rental or ownership history 3: A minimum credit score of 600 is desired and must not contain slow judgments, eviction filings, collections, liens or bankruptcy within the past live (5) years. All bankruptcies must be fully discharged
Self-employed Applicants are required to produce upon request two (2) years of tax returns or 1099s. Non-employed Applicants must provide proof of income. All sources of other income must be verifiable if needed to meet the income requirements for rental.
Criminal records must contain no convictions or adjudications withheld (or their equivalent in the jurisdiction where the matter occurred) within the past seven (7) years for: (a) felonies or (b) misdemeanor offenses regarding illegal drugs or crimes against persons or property
Previous rental history reports from landlords must reflect timely payment, sufficient notice of intent to vacate, no complaints regarding noise, disturbances or illegal activities, no NSF checks, and no damage to the property or failure to leave the property clean and without damage at the time of lease termination
No pets (with the exception of service animals) of any kind are permitted without specific permission of Agent/Owner in the lease. A non-refundable pet fee acceptable to Agent/Owner and/or an additional pet deposit or additional security deposit may be required at the time of lease signing Certificate of medical necessity is required for service animals as well as certification that the animal is fully trained to be a service animal The following breeds of dog will not be accepted due to insurance liability: *Pit Bull Terriers, *Staffordshire Terriers, *Rottweilers, *German Shepherds, *Presa Canarios, *Chows Chows, *Doberman Pinschers, *Akitas, *Wolf-hybrids, *Mastiffs, *Cane Corsos, *Great Danes, *Alaskan Malamutes, and *Siberian Huskies. Failure to disclose any pet is a $1500.00 (Fifteen hundred dollar) charge for each pet, which will be added to the total of all rent(s) in the lease, therefore it is RENT DUE and becomes payable immediately
2 Agent/Owner reserves the right to determine the amount the Tenant(s) will be required to pay as a security deposit and additional pre-paid rent based on the result of the Applicant's screening reports. NOTE: Any request for exceptions to these criteria must be submitted in writing to the Agent/Owner for consideration. lf approval is given for such exception, Agent/Owner reserves the right to require additional security, a guarantor or co-signer, or other additional advance rent payments or any combination of the above.
3 Current occupancy standards are a maximum of (2) persons per bedroom and may change per HUD guidelines
4 Agent/Owner may report delinquent payments or other events of non-compliance with the lease to one or more credit bureaus
5 Payment of a Holding Deposit does not in any way guarantee that Applicant will be approved The property will remain on the market for rent until there is a fully executed lease If Applicant (and Co-Applicant(s) (if any)) are approved and Applicant(s) fail to execute a lease, the Holding Deposit will be forfeited Once this Application ls approved, the Holding Deposit shall be applied to the initial monies due under the lease
6 Advance payments which are commonly due prior to move-in: (a) first months rent, (b) last month's rent, (c)security deposit, and (d) any pro-rated rent for a partial calendar month
DISCLOSURE 1: Pursuant to the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC Section 1682, et seq., as amended by the Consumer Credit Reporting Reform Act of 1996, if this application is denied or an additional security deposit or advance rent is required based on information obtained, you may request a copy of your credit report from the credit reporting agency within 60 days of your receipt of an adverse action letter from the screening service used to process the applicant.
DISCLOSURE 2: Pursuant to Florida law, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is required to maintain a list of sexual predators and sex offenders to enable the public to request information about these individuals living in their communities. if this information ls important to you, contact the FDLE toll free at 1.-888-357 7332.
DISCLOSURE 3: School boundaries are subject to change. As a result, any information that may be provided to you by either the Owner or Agent may not be accurate or current. If this information is important to you, contact the local school board directly to verify the correct school boundaries for the particular property you are intending to rent prior to signing a lease.